Constable Jim Long is certified as a Master Peace officer with over 20 years of continuous law enforcement practice.  He has been a resident of the Sandia area since 1970 and is a graduate of Orange Grove ISD.

Jim Wells County decided in April that the Constable's Office did not need a Deputy Constable to assist with patrols because of Budget Constraints.  The deputy Constable's were eliminated in Jim Wells County.  The last day for a Deputy Constable was May 20, 2016.  I am pleased to announce that the Constable's Office has employed 2 Reserve deputies to assist with patrol and criminal interdiction as of December 1, 2016.  These positions are non-paid volunteers that are fully licensed with the State of Texas.

Our Office is proud to announce that Rachel Gallagher, Kalah Pressley, Audrey Dobson, and Waylon Scheidt , were awarded scholarships for graduating seniors for 2020 by Jim Long, Constable Jim Wells County

We are working for you

Our office is located at 12111 SH 359 in Sandia, Texas 78338.  Should you need to reach us by phone our Office number is (361) 547-9895.  We are dispatched out by the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department.  If you have an emergency please dial 911