Our Office is proud to announce that Brandon Probert, Lunden Myers, and Hannah Halepaska , were awarded scholarships for graduating seniors for 2016 by Jim Long, Constable Jim Wells County

Help keep our community safe! Report any illegal activity

If you would like to be added to our TEXT ALERT list for crime trends please send us your  name, address and cell phone number.  We will send out text alerts for real time crime information: Burglaries, bail outs, etc.  Use the contact page to submit your information.

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Current illegal activity in our area

Report Illegal activity or Crimes

Here are some crime patterns that are occurring in our area.  If you would like for us to step up patrol in your area please let us know.  Your involvement is appreciated to better our community.


If you suspect any illegal activity or have information about crimes in your area please let us know.  Your involvement will help our community and you can remain anonymous.

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